About the MPS Society

The MPS Society supports individuals affected with MPS, parents of affected children, other relatives and friends of affected children.  As well, we extend our support to those affected by related disorders and invite them to be members also. Professionals working in the MPS and related fields and all those interested in the MPS and related diseases are welcome to join the Society.

Our Mission Statement Is:

To value, nurture and support those affected directly or indirectly by Mucopolysaccharide and related diseases.

Our Aims Are To:

  • act as a support group for our members through

    • the provision of local family support networks,
    • the publication of quarterly newsletters,
    • the holding of biennial National Conferences and
    • by providing relevant information;
  • promote a partnership between families and professionals, both locally and internationally;
  • promote community awareness of MPS and its impact on families and carers.


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