Conference 2010 Paper and Presentations

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Conference 2004 Abstracts

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  • Barbara Hopwood: Getting the Most from Services
  • David Cram et al: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: A new option for couples
  • Margot Davey: Sleep Apnoea - Detection and Treatment
  • Jim McGill: What is MPS
  • Margaret Sahhar: So we've been diagnosed with MPS
  • Patrick Lo:  Shunts in MPS - are they necessary
  • Bruce Johnstone: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Mandy Gregory and Virginia Wilson: Finding A Way Forward - Making meaning and     facing the challenges of bereavement.
  • David Sillence and Jenny Hynson: MPS The later years
  • Penny Pitt: The impact of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis on families
  • Joyce Rebeiro: Creative Stress Management
  • John Hopwood:  Update on Current Therapies
  • Margaret Sahhar: Psychological and Social Impacts of Trial Participation and Treatment
  • Jim McGill: Funding for Enzyme Replacement Therapy
  • David Ketteridge: Update on ERT Trials in MPS VI  
  • Helen O'Grady: BMT and ERT for MPS I (Hurler Syndrome)
  • Grace David: The Osteodystrophy in Mucolipidosis and Treatment with Cyclic Intravenous Pamidronate
  • Janice Fletcher: Hunter Syndrome Natural History Study    
  • David Sillence and Jenny Ault: Mucopolysaccharidosis and Related Disorders in Adolescents and Adults
  • David Ketteridge: How are patients selected for clinical trials?
  • John Hopwood: Research, Future Directions
  • John Hopwood: Global approaches to research, understanding and public awareness

Conference 2002 Presentations

Please find the following powerpoint presentations attached.  These may be very slow to download as they are often lengthy and have large volumes of graphics.  Please be patient.