Conference 2004 Abstracts

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  • Barbara Hopwood: Getting the Most from Services
  • David Cram et al: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: A new option for couples
  • Margot Davey: Sleep Apnoea - Detection and Treatment
  • Jim McGill: What is MPS
  • Margaret Sahhar: So we've been diagnosed with MPS
  • Patrick Lo:  Shunts in MPS - are they necessary
  • Bruce Johnstone: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Mandy Gregory and Virginia Wilson: Finding A Way Forward - Making meaning and     facing the challenges of bereavement.
  • David Sillence and Jenny Hynson: MPS The later years
  • Penny Pitt: The impact of Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis on families
  • Joyce Rebeiro: Creative Stress Management
  • John Hopwood:  Update on Current Therapies
  • Margaret Sahhar: Psychological and Social Impacts of Trial Participation and Treatment
  • Jim McGill: Funding for Enzyme Replacement Therapy
  • David Ketteridge: Update on ERT Trials in MPS VI  
  • Helen O'Grady: BMT and ERT for MPS I (Hurler Syndrome)
  • Grace David: The Osteodystrophy in Mucolipidosis and Treatment with Cyclic Intravenous Pamidronate
  • Janice Fletcher: Hunter Syndrome Natural History Study    
  • David Sillence and Jenny Ault: Mucopolysaccharidosis and Related Disorders in Adolescents and Adults
  • David Ketteridge: How are patients selected for clinical trials?
  • John Hopwood: Research, Future Directions
  • John Hopwood: Global approaches to research, understanding and public awareness