Cameron small smallCameron2 cropped smallCameron, born 6 July 1998, Hunter Syndrome. Cameron loved music and videos. Some of his favourites were Grease, The Pirate Movie, Xanadu, Blue Hawaii and Star Wars. Cameron also loved Hi-5, The Wiggles and Dora The Explorer. Cameron attended Chalmers Road School at Strathfield 5 days a week. He enjoyed swimming, walking, parties and riding on buses, trains and horses. He also loved to watch his brother play football. Cameron is seen in the first photo at his school Christmas presentation in 2008 and the other is with his 8 year old brother Daniel, who was his biggest fan! Cameron sadly passed away suddenly on 4 May 2009. Cameron gave great joy to all who had the pleasure to meet him. He will be missed greatly but always remembered by all.