MPS Awareness Day

MPS Awareness DayThe Australian MPS Society invites you to help us celebrate MPS Awareness Day on 15 May.

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The International MPS Network describes the purpose of International MPS Day as follows:

International MPS Day began as a way to honour everyone in the MPS Community, to recognize, remember and rejoice in each other.

On International MPS Day we:

• Remember all the children and adults who suffer from MPS diseases.
• Think about the children we have lost.
• Think about the doctors and scientists who are dedicated to finding a cure for MPS.
• Remember each other and be thankful for the strength and support we both give and receive.

The Australian MPS Society encourages all our members and affected families and friends and all professionals involved in the treatment of MPS and Related Diseases to use the opportunity offered by MPS Awareness Day, 15 May to tell everyone they know about MPS and to increase public awareness of MPS.

Please enjoy this selection of MPS Family Story videos which our Australian and International MPS Family members have put together to tell their story!