New MPS I Websites

Genzyme Corp has set up a new website with information specifically on MPS I.  The website is located at

The site is designed to provide useful information and helpful resources about the disease for both the healthcare professionals as well as for patients and their caregivers.   Raising awareness about the disease and its treatments in the MPS community is Genzyme's goal for this website.   They hope that you find it to be a valuable resource.

At their other new website, Genzyme have set up a feature that allows visitors to send in contact information of both the medical centers and physicians (email) with experience in treating MPSI disease across Australia.  

MPS Australia provides this information purely for its members and readers of this site to provide you with the opportunity to decide if you are interested in correspondence with Genzyme.  If so,  please visit the Aldurazume website.  MPS Australia is not able to answer any queries about this project.