Publications for Sale

We have explanatory pamphlets as well as booklets on each MPS syndrome.  Below is a list of the booklets available and their cost (not including postage).

Articles by parents and doctors dealing with management, long term care and specific medical problems are also available.  Photocopied information is available on topics such as anaesthetic complications, spinal problems and surgery.  There are also articles written by family members on "life with MPS" as well as ideas to help with feeding, management and schooling etc.       

The publication costs do not include photocopying or postage.  Photocopying is charged at 20 cents per page and postage as incurred.

All articles, booklets and information are free to families with an affected member.  Quarterly newsletters are published and distributed to members.

Please complete the attached Order Form and forward it with your cheque to the MPS Office.

Title of Publication Cost
The Patter of inheritance $5.00
MPS I (Hurler Syndrome) $5.00
MPS II (Hunter Syndrome) $5.00
MPS III (Sanfilippo Syndrome) $5.00
MPS IV (Morquio Syndrome) $5.00
MPS VI (Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome) $5.00
Mucolipidosis II and III $5.00
Fucosidosis $5.00
Aspartylglycosaminuria $5.00
Is your child having anaesthetic? $5.00
What to do when a child dies $5.00
Gastrostomies $6.00

Towards greater independence:  

A Guide for adults with mild MPS